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Jim's Most Personal Songs

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Posted 04 September 2011 - 07:53 PM

Here's a weird thing that happened to me twice in different years(2010 and 2011) and yes, this is in regards to Jim and his personal songs. I was just in L.A. a few weeks ago and as I was turning right to head up La Cienega Blvd. towards Sunset and right up near the Doors old offices and the motel JDM lived at the Doors started playing(it was a 3-fer) on the radio. My daughter and I looked at each other and was amazed, b/c like I said this has happened to us twice in different years and on the same street! Coincidence? I'm not sure. It sure brought me a big smile as I drove by Jim's old haunts!

It is a cool feeling to hear the songs he wrote in L.A. as we drive around L.A.! I get goosebumps!

That's crazy! :huh:

"Waiting for the Sun" didn't strike me as being about a girl, but was about whatever needed to happen for that drawn-back bow to be released.

The opening lines of "Soft Parade" really made an impression on me as he sounded so vulnerable and sad. Same with his poem "As I Look Back"--so much regret at such a young age.

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Posted 04 September 2011 - 08:58 PM

good point about it being in '65... I think it was an important part of the awakening jim was going thru that summer in venice, but it was also a view into the era itself.

There was no point about 'it being in '65'. The Doors used up all of Jim's songs on the first two albums and thus had to start writing while making the 3rd album.

The exception of course is 'Indian Summer' which was written and recorded early on, but re-recorded and included on a later album (the same LP that contained 'Waiting For The Sun'). Unless there is a 1966 recording of 'Waiting For The Sun', then it is from 1968.

An interesting and thoughtful interpretation, but one also completely at odds with what (and for whom) the composer intended.

Waiting For the Sun (the song, not the album) was written in early 1968 for the same person that Jim had in mind when he wrote Shaman's Blues at the end of that same year - perhaps the second most revealing song in his canon.

Imagine that.


Jim Morrison was not a composer. Who knows what he even intended? Who even cares? They were his songs.

The song does however contain a coded-message. Did you happen to de-code it for us?

So, now Jim is writing songs for people as if he is a 'commercial-jingle man'? How can Jim 'have someone in mind'? They were just song lyrics, albeit very good ones. He wasn't writing a romantic love-letter to some groupie.

It is a cool feeling to hear the songs he wrote in L.A. as we drive around L.A.! I get goosebumps!

Jim scribbled many of his words/lyrics (to be used in songs) while on the road and carrying his notebook. It is written that he would make specific trips just for the purposes of writing. He would check into a far away motel and take drugs, drink, and write.

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