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Wikipedia "Death of...."

10 July 2013 - 03:36 AM


I just noticed that there is a lengthy separate article on Wiki regarding the death of Jimi Hendrix, but not one on Morrison. Why is this? Should one of us start a new entry on Wikipedia for Jim's death?

I would assume that, if it were started and expanded upon, it would FAR surpass the Hendrix article in length, since the controversy itself surrounding his death would make it over 100 pages alone! ha!

Any volunteers?

Trying to read Hopkins' "Behind Closed Doors" (technical question)

05 July 2013 - 08:15 PM

Hey guys,

Yesterday I went ahead and purchased Hopkins' new electronic-book "Behind Closed Doors" off of Amazon.

I figured, "hey, it's only 5 bucks, why not?"

But I had to d/l and install "Kindle for PCs" since it's not on this (10-year-old) computer. Anyway, the install appeared to go well, I now have an official Kindle icon on the desktop, and my new Kindle list now has the book, which I paid for dang'it.

But it will not allow me to open it,.......at all. (again he says, "dang'it"!)

Everytime I click on the cover to open it, I get that standard MS Error message asking whether or not I want to "send a report" to Microsoft. When I went in to "troubleshoot", it indicates that the "dictionary" was not installed properly and the system makes NO attempt to fix it. It just closes the whole thing up COMPLETELY then that wonderful "Microsoft encountered a problem/error.....would you like to send a report?" pop-up box well..............it pops up!

Has anyone downloaded this book and, if so, do you know anything about how to repair this problem?