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In Topic: Original first press versus New reissue vinyl sound quality

07 March 2010 - 01:53 AM

yes, men I realized too, there are missing some letter for example in soul kitchen there isn't a verse and missin the letters of alabama song and back door man, sorry for my english, is bad


22 January 2010 - 01:35 AM

claro que se que el hollywood bolw fuen el 3 de julio de 1968 unos aņos antes de la muerte fisica del rey lagarto pero me refiero a grabaciones de video integras del 67 donde the doors surgia para ver su fresca interaccion con el publico

Y ademas a matrix le falta una parte ya que el encargado e grabar olvido poner nueva cinta y solo alcanzaron unas pocas canciones

In Topic: Newbie Thread

09 December 2009 - 03:56 AM

deffinely, the doors are the best band in the world and never can be other like them, all members are amazing, and the voice and words of jim will be forever


18 November 2009 - 02:40 AM

A pact of silence
For can stay in calm peaceful
With fear of the evil crowd
Everybody live like this, with fear
Of that break our shield
And the filth comes with us
We can live with the filth, but I don`t support it, inside me watching
And guiding our steps

The rocks don`t resist the electricity
Like we can`t drive our mind
In the beginning of the night

I`m going to fall asleep thinking
That you leaf alive to 12 persons
Still seeing them grade of contamination

I don`t believe that you will lead seduce for money
To the all of us adorate
Without know that we`ll burn
When we need warm

The lungs born weak
With the wish that
Give them fatal injections

The lungs born weak
They`re becoming crazy of pain
Now they grow moribund with the black air that they breath
In a gas chamber that draws theirs death

In the amplification of sound
In the distortion of sight
In the perfect connection,
Screams, persecutions
Freemans, slaves
Living, death, dry flowers
The pain is perfect
He announces you that you`re alive
Why are you confused?
Why do you live worst than a death
The happiness is just a moment away
The pain is eternal
27 seconds of happiness
27 years of pain
The innocents, beginner in the world can`t taste a minute of happiness
I watch it all like in a movie
From different perspective
Like if the words pronunciated both
Like if the sounds of footprint give us a strange orgasm
Like if the eyes can change the colors
Like if it give us pain
The people acclaim us and request more and more
And theirs screams introduce into the soul
And give me the power to absorb new lives

The death waits friendly for us
The life takes us like a monster
Of a desesperation that it enjoy

In our live
Our personality
Going with the bad moments
Because the good ones are planned lies

The darkness of the home
With windows that doesn`t exist
All the feelings are piled and stings the place
Without games
Without albedry
The parents practice a challenge of bring
The vicious circle of hell
Break the asymmetric statue
To the fragile mass of marmol
The innocent of the mind