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In Topic: Other Voices / Full Circle HD Tracks

06 November 2012 - 01:35 PM

Other Voices and Full Circle are now available on HDtracks for US$17.98 each.

In Topic: Other Voices / Full Circle HD Tracks

05 November 2012 - 09:13 PM

Yes, sure. Single versions from Other voices and Full circle can be found in an exhaustive list here

Sorry - I didn't see you'd posted this before I made my previous post. Thank you. Fascinating stuff. I didn't know there were mono and stereo mixes of the post-Morrison singles.

Seems kind of ridiculous to have edited Tightrope Ride to be under 4 minutes, yet to edit other songs to be as long as the unedited Tightrope Ride! I guess they were just trying to cut down on anything that wasn't the chorus.

There really is a lot of Doors music still unofficially available - loads of single mixes. It's bizarre they won't release any of this stuff even though the single mixes were the hit versions that everyone was listening to on the radio at the time. More revisionism I guess.

In Topic: Other Voices / Full Circle HD Tracks

05 November 2012 - 12:12 PM

yep, we don't need that kind of comments here ...

anyway, can you reply the six bachelors question? you're the man on that theme, thanks

I've done a bit of research. I think the post-Morrison releases were as follows (but am happy to be corrected):

Oct '71 - LP - Other Voices
Nov '71 - 45 - Tightrope Ride [single edit] b/w Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Feb '72 - 45 - Ships w/ Sails [single edit] b/w In The Eye Of The Sun
Jun '72 - 45 - Get Up And Dance b/w Treetrunk
Aug '72 - LP - Full Circle
Sep '72 - 45 - The Mosquito [single edit] b/w It Slipped My Mind
Dec '72 - 45 - The Piano Bird [single edit] b/w Good Rockin' [possible single edit]

The Howling Wolf release has Treetrunk and single edits of The Mosquito and The Piano Bird but sadly not the edits of Tightrope Ride and Ships w/ Sails.

I actually really, really like the final two Doors LPs. They're very different and perhaps the magic was gone but these guys were a great band.

In Topic: Other Voices / Full Circle HD Tracks

03 November 2012 - 12:41 AM

is now available the HD tracks of all the studio albums (including Other Voices and Full Circle) and that was a really good surprise, early this year OV and FC were offered on amazon mp3 and itunes, i have them and i liked that they doesn't sound as a needle drop (as tightrope ride on the 1997 box set) and also sounds better than russian releases.

now, i would like to see OV and FC as a proper release CD and Vinyl, of course exist market for both albums since they haven't been released officialy since 1971 / 1972

so, does anybody are interested in a physical release of these post morrison albums?

are they on the plans?

The Complete Studio Album Collection Audiophile 96kHz/24bit

Live At The Bowl '68 Audiophile 44.1kHz/24bit

These should have been properly reissued on vinyl and CD, along with the single mixes, years ago.

I have the Howling Wolf Records version and it doesn't sound right to me. There are some digital sounds throughout that make me think someone ripped the vinyl, then fiddled with it in an audio editor.

It's a real shame these are only available with the 6 Morrison albums on HDtracks. I've got the SACDs on pre-order so I don't want the first 6. Perhaps they'll come on sale individually soon.

Royal Sperm, can you tell me all the Other Voices and Full Circle single edits and mixes and release dates? I've tried to figure it all out but it's hard to find precise info.

Nov/Dec '71 - Tightrope Ride [single mix/edit] / Variety Is The Spice Of Life
??? '72 - The Mosquito [single mix/edit]/ It Slipped My Mind
Jun '72 - Get Up And Dance / Treetrunk
Dec '72 - The Piano Bird [single mix/edit] / Good Rockin'

Am I missing any?

In Topic: Hollywood Bowl 68 Blu Ray re-edt and companion CD

24 October 2012 - 12:38 PM

Been away for a while..
so JJ left? was he ever actually here once?
JJ bitching about fans bitching about him is pathetic.The Doors have THE WORST MANAGEMENT from any of the bands of their caliber.
We never got answers to even the simplest questions. Music business or not, the YOTD WAS ANNOUNCED and it was perhaps the palest Doors year in terms of releases. And when we finally get something, after being absolutely ignored, it is a completely doctored thing and we get no explanation at all.
JJ can blame only himself for a massive lack of success in putting out new Doors stuff.
Enough is enough, there are no excuses. But sincerely, I prefer not to hope for JJ replies or announcements at all, wait for something to come out and then decide to buy it or not.
Sadly, we missed a great chance here.

I tend to agree. I've grown weary of the excuses, delays and products that never arrive. There might be market and industry pressures but every label and artist faces these yet other comparable bands don't publicly cite these pressures repeatedly whenever products that have been announced or forecast never materialise.

It has become very negative on here but it's hard not to be negative when the only meaningful engagement from the band almost always involves excuses, several variations on "I am a fan too" and calls for patience. Well, fans don't sit and wait patiently. They want to consume new product from the bands and performers they like. There's a new product. Great. If the reviews are positive, I'll probably get it. What's coming next though? What's the plan? What about all the things that we on here call for constantly (e.g. Strange Days mono, singles mixes, Honolulu, OV + FC)? Where are downloads?

If the band and management want this stuff to happen, it will happen. If the band and management don't want this stuff to happen, fine - it won't, but don't be surprised if people are disappointed or annoyed. We aren't owed anything but we want it and I'm tired of giving the benefit of the doubt all the time. It has to be someone's responsibility that there's a lack of engagement and progress.

Nevermind. We have a lot of great stuff to listen to and enjoy, even if there's plenty of stuff in the can that we may never get to see.