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05 May 2006 - 01:19 PM

Many Loungers were aware that I was set to be a contestant on The Einstein Factor, an Australian TV game show where your knowledge of a subject of your choice is tested.
My special subject - naturally - was 'The Lives and Music of the Doors'.

The show was taped today, and I emerged as victor with the second highest winning margin in the show's history.

...so thanks all of you - especially wskybar and Jim4371 - for all your advice and practise questions; they were fundamentally vital in helping me divine the caliber of the real questions. :peace:

Dr Max Vasille

05 May 2006 - 11:13 AM

I voluntarily answer people's Doors questions on the internet via the service AllExprets.com, and I've been doing it for some time without major qualms......then came this question:

what is the credibility of Dr. Max Vasille. you know the man who
examined morrisons body. have read that he was never seen again?
what is the story on him?

Jim's time in Paris was never my forte, and this question perplexes me.
It is the only Doors question anybody has ever asked me - in my life - that I haven't been able to answer.
Can anybody gove me a hand? I have to answer it ASAP or the site moderators get shitty. :peace:

I need five 'interesting facts' about the Doors...

14 April 2006 - 06:48 AM

Most of you know I'm going on a quiz show, my special subject is 'The Lives and Music of The Doors'.
A contestant requirement is to compilate five 'interesting facts' about your topic, to be posted up on the show's website.
There are a million way to take it.

I'm going to elaborate on these, of course, but I'm thinking of including:
-Jim being the first singer arrested on stage
-There are veiled references to The Doors in most Simpsons episodes
(A bit of an overstatement, I know...)
-The CIA 'tracking' The Doors in the late 1960's.
-Something like "Few know Morrison produced approximately 2500 pages of poetry..."

What else could I add?
Remember, keep it interesting. I can relay a billion facts that the average pundit couldn't give a shit about.

Doors get a mention in Australian Parliament

07 April 2006 - 07:48 AM

The Australian Labor Party's Shadow Minister or the Environment, Anthony Albanese, had this to say about John Howard, the conservative Australian Prime Minister, during a heated parliamentary session:

"...John Howard is a man who lived at home until he was 32. You can just imagine what he was like. Here were young Australians demonstrating against the Vietnam War, driving their tie-died kombi vans, listening to the Doors...and what was John Howard doing? He was at home with mum, wearing his shorts and long white socks, listening to Pat Boone albums and waiting for the Saturday night church dance."

I was watching Question Time half-arsed, and it popped up. What a card!
Albanese must be a fan.

1968 American Presidential Election

23 March 2006 - 11:44 AM

[This is a question I asked about six months ago, and I recieved an insufficient amount of replies. So I will re-ask...]

Jim, even though he lived until age 27, would only have been able to vote in one Presidential election, 1968.
How would he have marked his ballot paper?

Republican Richard Nixon, who won the election by a comfortable margin. He was right-leaning, obviously, but if you consider his social and environmental concerns, he was a Mike Moore when compared to Ronald Reagan. Jim's belief in self-determination, a value Nixon espoused, may have swung him to vote Republican, as would have Nixon's attempts to appeal to traditional Democrat voters.

Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey, who fared considerably well in the popular vote, was seen as weak and indecisive. He would have appealed to disdain of the Vietnam War, by calling a "bombing halt" on South East Asia, but Jim may have been dismayed by the Democrats failure to nominate Eugene McCarthy, the favoured candidate amongst the 'counterculture' types.

Independant George Wallace, a hard-line segregationalist, so don't go all Ralph Nader on him. Wallace was one of the most successful third-party candidates in American history, securing 13.5% of the popular vote. Also, his running mate was from California...Jim may have been caught up in 'favorite son' fever. (Let's just say I'm including Wallace just on factual purposes, there's no way Jim would have voted for this cruel, racist character)

Not voted at all. Like many concerned individuals of his age, he was dismayed by the workings of politics. Also, as noted earlier, Eugene McCarthy was controversially not nominated by the Democrats, someone who Jim would have been most likely to support. Also, he may have been drunk, consequentially not giving a shit about anything.

Feel free to comment on the fellow bandmembers probable voting patterns (Robby wasn't old enough). Ray's vote is obvious to predict, but Robby's is interesting to debate. Most likely not one to harbour political concerns, would he have displayed vestiges of his wealthy suburban upbringing, or would he have fallen in tow with his counterculture peers?